exhausted mostly as a result of adding four energetic children to our home. But we are just as ecstatic about our marriage as always. That joy has only grown with each child, trial, adventure and year we have experienced. Our life is full and getting to experience this life with Jared... there truly is no greater blessing. Our wish for you is to invest in each other, your marriage and intentionally build a wonderful life together. 

When Jared and I met we were both young. I had recently turned 20 and he was 24. Within 2 weeks of meeting him I knew I was connected to him and he was the right man for me. Now to convince him I was right! Fast forward 9 months and we said, "I do!" to forever together in Billings, Montana. Pulling into Red Lodge, Montana that evening we were ecstatic and exhausted. Eight years later we are still 

an investment
in your wedding,  marriage & legacy

Which images have meant the most to you in the past? Usually they are the images that tie you to someone special or an impactful moment you cherish. We are individuals first, photographers second. We want you to feel your images, not simply see them. We understand the depth of human emotion and the need for connection. We believe images can truly connect you to both people and emotions across time. And that is priceless. 

Images you can feel, not simply see.

connecting you to moments

Like any good investment, your return should outweigh your input. A great investment should blow you away and not just initially but year after year. At BHP & Co. we believe a good investment is the only investment worth making which is why we pour so much of ourselves, our lives and energy into both continuing our industry education and experience as well as  supplying a product that is tangible for generations to come. We are committed to our goals and our couples. We would be honored to be the ones to document the union and celebration of your love. 

an investment you can feel for generations 

an investment worth your while

Our Story

You want a photographer who is able to handle situations and move things in a productive direction.

You want a photographer you can trust to help you make informed decisions with your best interest in mind. 

You care about feeling the emotion through your imagery as well as the beautiful images. 

You want someone who is genuine and can make you (as well as your guests and vendors) feel comfortable.

We're a good fit for you if...

"I have NEVER in my life, been so incredibly satisfied with a photographers work! The pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS. I'm sobbing!!! You have no idea how much these mean."

what clients are saying

what clients & planners are saying


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