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Beth is the commander, planner, organizer and emotion regulator through the wedding process. She will be singing along with whatever playlist you have on, admiring every detail, laughing with the elderly and keeping everyone moving in the right direction. Jared is the calm to the creative; the one behind the scenes! His randomly funny personality keep everyone feeling comfortable and he will be joking right along with the guys, capturing the in-between moments and showing off his... dance moves (ha!) right along with the rest of the guests until it is time to conquer the grand exit. 

Opposites in the best way.

More About Us

Our favorite place to be will always be home! Home, where designer heels, cowboy boots and kid shoe sizes 10 - 3 line the front porch. Where there is always "too much noise", just enough mess to make everyone feel welcome, an endless array of children's art work taped to our walls, fridge and floor and lots of treats are snuck in between (and right before!) meal time. Home is where we are always ready to return to after our adventures around the world; where we've chosen to create a beautiful, messy life together. We pray every couple, no matter their vision for their future, is not only willing but dedicated to striving daily to create their ideal life AND legacy together because together will always be the best place to be.   

Simply, we're family folks.

We're Beth and Jared.

Do you remember that last picture you took with the Gammie before she passed? Or that picture of you and your best friend at her wedding before she moved across the world and out of every-Friday-girls-brunch distance? For us, it was the family pictures we took a week before Beth's older brother was diagnosed with brain cancer. The joy, freedom and love those images now represent are priceless to us. Images form connections to people and places we cherish. They are tangible visualizations of what is most important. Photographs become so much more than a picture when there is a person or a purpose behind them. Our goal is capture the moments that tell the story of your legacy and those who impact it most. 

Why photos should matter to you too.

We're storytellers...

If Jared could eat a milkshake a day and Beth could eat fries every day, well, we would! One of our favorite things to do is drive to picturesque mountain towns, find one of those old candy shops or diners, grab a shake and some fries and find a view to enjoy while we talk about life and dream together. If our elevation is the exact opposite of mountains you can bet we are still grabbing a milkshake for him, fries for her, ours books, beach cruisers and heading to the sand for a day of sunshine, ease and laughter.

Scenic drives with milkshakes and fries.

It is no secret that both of us love to read! In fact, we each usually have multiple books going at the same time. Whether it be paper books, kindle books or audio books we will take them any way we can get them! Paper will forever and always be the favorite though. There is nothing like sitting out in one of our favorite spots, listening to the sound of the breeze and just getting to read whether for learning or pleasure. 

Books, books and books. We are readers!

In our free time...

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